How to pick the right door

Sobol's door designs range from simple and sturdy to intricate and ornate. The door configuration generally has the most bearing on the overall impact of the door. Following are some types of doors available to help you plan your project. Please Contact Us for a consultation and quote.

Step 1. Pick The Configuration You're Looking For

SingleSingle with SidelightSingle with TransomDoubleSlidingScreen / Storm
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Step 2. Pick The Material That Works For You

  • Durable, secure and energy efficient
  • Resists denting, scratching, rusting or rotting
  • Available in smooth or wood grain finish
  • Can be painted or stained
  • Durable, secure and lasting
  • Economical & energy efficient
  • Less resistant to dents and scratches
  • Can be painted but not stained
  • Durable, secure and lasting
  • Requires minimal care
  • Dents & scratches are easily repaired
  • Must be painted or stained
  • Durable, secure and lasting
  • Competitively priced, easy-care vinyl doors
  • Energy-efficient styles and options to fit most any budget
  • Can be painted
  • Durable, secure and lasting
  • Less resisting to dents and scratches
  • Competitively priced, easy-case aluminum doors

Step 3. Pick A Panel Style – Below Are Just Some Of The Options Available

6 Panel1/2 LightFull LightEuropean 2 PanelEuropean 3/4 LightFlush

Step 4. View Samples Of Glass Options From Our Trusted Manufacturers

Step 5. Pick Your Colour

Factory WhiteManufacturer StainsManufacturer Paint
  • Requires no additional painting
  • Stain finish can be applied to fiberglass and wood doors only
  • 2 tone stain colour available
  • Choose one color for door face, and another for the back to complement the interior of your home
  • Paint can be applied to all door types

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