Retrofit Installations

Retrofit installation means removing of glass, glass stoppers and in some cases horizontal or vertical posts. This leaves the original frame and interior finishing on the inside and brick mould undisturbed and fully intact. Once the new window is in, aluminum capping is installed from outside and in most cases a ¾ cove is attached to the frame and window from inside. Our addition of caulking prevents water penetration to windows, aluminum, brick and siding.

Stud-to-Stud Installations

Stud-to-stud installation involves removing of the interior casing, exterior brick mould and the frame of original window. In most cases, new windows come with the factory attached brick mould and jam extension (either wood or vinyl). Casing (trim) is attached to the installed window on inside. Caulking is used on the exterior to seal the gap between brick mould and brick or siding.

Door Installations

Cut out

Cut outs are the most challenging yet rewarding of projects. Turn to Sobol Inc. for your cut outs as the process makes no allowance for mistakes. With a less experienced installer, the structural integrity of your home could be put in jeopardy. We have extensive experience and a proven track record in this particular installation process.


There are cases when replacement is not necessary. Simple service can save you hundreds - sometimes thousands - of dollars.

Call or email us today. Often, if you email us high quality photos of your existing windows, we can assess what needs to be amended and respond with solutions. We can also provide you with an in-home assessment.