What's the story behind the Sobol name?

"Sobol", in English "Sable" (a reference to sable hunters) is predominantly a Jewish family name. For Archiel, owner and operator of Sobol Inc., it is much more than just a moniker for his business.

"Sobol" stands for dedication, dignity, commitment and honour. These principals — applied to all aspects of work and family life — have been cherished and valued for generations and is evident in their rich past.

Archiel applies these values to how Sobol Inc. operates and to the work his team performs every day — a key factor to their ongoing success.

In memory of Solomon Sobol.

Solomon Moisevitch Sobol (10 July 1912 - 2 July 1984) was a Jewish engineer economist.
Solomon Sobol was born in Tbilisi (formerly Russian Empire, now Georgia) to Hannah Kushmirska and Moses Sobol. His father worked in Georgian Polytechnic Institute.

Solomon Sobol finished Tbilisi school #100 on June 19, 1926.
On January 13th, 1936 he received diploma from Georgian Technical University, formerly Georgian Politechnical Institute. He was qualified as a civil engineer of cart roads.
After receiving his diploma, Sobol was assign to Defence Ministry Construction Department. The main aspects of his work there included roads, railroads, and airdromes. He focused on the planning, construction, and maintenance of roads and transportation avenues.
During WWll, Sobol took part in construction of the Caucasus defence systems and in November 4th 1944 he was awarded with "Certificate for participation in the heroic defence of Caucasus" signed by G. Sturua and V. Egnatashvili.

On March 30, 1945 he was awarded with Medal "For Labour Valour,” and in 1947 Sobol was awarded with Medal "For the Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945"

Between 1945-1951 Solomon Sobol participated in planing and constructing Kutaisi Automotive Plant (KAZ).
In 1952 he left Defence Ministry and become Deputy Director in Design Institute of Civil, industrial and agricultural construction .
Between 1960-1961 Defence Ministry assigned Solomon Sobol to Vietnam. He assisted planing and constructing roads and railroads.
Mr. Sobol continued working for Design Institute of Civil, industrial and agricultural construction
During his carrier Mr. Sobol received multiple awards.
March 28 1968 medial for achievements in the national economy of the USSR.
March 30 1970 medal "For valorus work"
March 14 1975 "Winner of socialist competition".
July 15 1980 "Veteran Travellers troops Soviet Armed Forces"
March 2 1981 "Veteran of Labour"
He was laid to rest in Mukhatgverdi cemetery in Tbilisi, Georgia.


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